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King Turkey Day 2022 race team members are Jason Johnson (from left), Dawn Teerink, Genny McCuen and Doug Tate.



Jason Johnson is excited to be on the 2022 Turkey Day Race Team! Jason owns and operates Tri State Truck Wash. He lives in Worthington with his wife, Jean, and kids, Dalton and Skyla, who are grown and off on their adventure of life! He likes to travel, go to sporting events, play with his dogs, and turkey race! "It’s an honor to have been part of the KTD board and now race team for the last 10 years.  I’m happy to be a representative for the 50th annual Great Gobble Gallup!"



Dawn Teerik is honored and excited to be a handler on the 2022 King Turkey Day Race Team! She was part of the King Turkey Day Board of Directors for 2 terms.  Dawn is a first grade teacher at Prairie Elementary School. She is married to Jesse Teerink, a former King Turkey Day Race Team member.  They have 2 sons, Kaden, 17 and Carter, 10. She enjoys attending her sons baseball games and spending time with family. Go Paycheck Go!



Genny McCuen, 2022 Turkey Handler in this years Great Gobbler Race! She was born and raised in Harvey, ND and moved to Worthington in the late 1990's. She started a career with her college degree, working in physical therapy until she made a career change and now works in real estate as a Broker/Owner. She is married to her husband, Josh, and they are the true Brady Bunch! 3 boys and 3 girls. They love traveling and most any sports. Throughout the years, she attended every Turkey Day since she moved to Worthington. She was fortunate to serve 2 terms on the board of directors and stay involved with hospitality for many years plus participated in many parades. She served on over 10 boards for various committees in Worthington. She says, "It's a great way to give back to the community, this one we just get to have a little more fun. Go paycheck!" 



Doug Tate, 2022 Turkey Day Coach, works as President and CEO of Worthington Federal Savings Bank, but during Turkey Time, his focus is all about KTD. Both Doug and his wife, Amanda, are extremely active in the community. He has been a past Turkey Day President and on the board for over 10 years! When he is not racing Turkeys, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, Samantha and Madeline.